Mary-Elizabeth and Emily


In placid hours well-pleased we dream
Of many a brave unbodied scheme.
But form to lend, pulsed life create,
What unlike things must meet and mate:
A flame to melt—a wind to freeze;
Sad patience—joyous energies;
Humility—yet pride and scorn;
Instinct and study; love and hate;
Audacity—reverence. These must mate,
And fuse with Jacob’s mystic heart,
To wrestle with the angel—Art.

by Herman Melville, 1891

About The Poppy Shop

The Poppy Shop is a Phoenix-based floral design company owned and run by Emily Spenla and Mary-Elizabeth Jones.

Emily and Mary-Elizabeth are passionate about creating both simple arrangements for the home and exquisite floral designs for special occasions. The Poppy Shop was founded on two philosophies.  The first is that the intricate design of flowers in the home draws one to the recognition of the beauty of life.  The second is that flowers elevate life’s most important occasions by transforming nature into art.

Drawing on a background of studio art and art history, The Poppy Shop’s floral design naturally emphasizes important artistic elements such as texture, shape, and color.  Their aesthetic is organic, delicate, and elegant, highlighting each season’s finest blooms.

About Us

Emily and Mary-Elizabeth have been friends since college where they were roommates and studied abroad together on their university’s campus in Rome. Their shared love of history, art, stunning scenery, architecture, and great food and wine made it easy for them to fall in love with Italy.  Their time in Italy remains their greatest source of inspiration; the Poppy Shop was even named after the stunning Italian Poppies seen in the countryside throughout their travels.

More recently, Emily moved from the Midwest to Phoenix for a teaching job, and Mary-Elizabeth, who was raised in Phoenix, returned shortly thereafter. Since settling in the Valley, each has married and started a family. The Poppy Shop began after leaving their respective full-time work to stay home with their little ones. When they aren’t playing with flowers, you can find them enjoying a gin & tonic with their husbands while their little ones play.